Hoppy Easter

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Hoppy Easter everyone.

Bunny girls are always cute, even if you’re not really that into girls in animal costumes. They are sexy, they are fluffy, and hey its just a fun costume.

One thing bunnies do well is fuck! So, quick like a bunny, break out your rabbit ears and furry mascot heads and get down to it.

Easter bunny, topless, boobs, tits, furry, mascot, naked

blow job, suck dick, bunny, costume

furry, bunny, sex, mask, costume, mascot head, fucking

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Happy Waffle Day

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I love waffles. Gir, loves to make waffles. I didn’t know this one would be so popular. I stand corrected.

Waffle, tits, syrup

Get ready

Waffle day girl in bathtub

To get sticky!


If you think these are fun; google some of the things that have happened at The Waffle House. And that is an actual restaurant.

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Happy National Pig Day

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This one is going to be fun.

pig, bdsm, naked girl, pet, slave, animal


This one is hot, sometimes dirty. Often though of as too kinky or degrading, but it can be played either way. This is often over looked. And with curly pig tail butt plugs, this one gets really hot. So why not? Go out and play in the mud, or chocolate syrup, or chocolate cake.


Come on, squeal baby; we want to play in your dirty little hole.


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Happy Valentines Day

Posted in web sluts on February 13th, 2018 by admin

Happy Valentines Day!


Big boobie happy valentines day
And enjoy some hot, sexy boobs, with red heart shaped pasties. Because, well; why wouldn’t you want to enjoy them on Valentines Day or any other day. They are so good, I could enjoy them several times; or enjoy several pairs. Who could say no?

Hope you have a hot and sexy Valenties Day!

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Bubble bath day

Posted in web sluts on January 18th, 2018 by admin

Who, what, wait!? This is a holiday?

Sex ass, spread, bubble bath

WTF!? Why hasn’t this been more prominent? Who swept this holiday under the rug? Get out there and celebrate!

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Posted in general mayhem, web sluts on January 2nd, 2018 by admin

I hope everyone got out to party and have a good time on new years eve.

Gems, rave, pussy, hot tub

We had a great time! Hot tubs are so much fun!

(Oh, and one of the photo shoots we did this trip came out awesome as well. You’ll just have to wait and see how that turned out…)

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Happy New Year

Posted in web sluts on December 31st, 2017 by admin

Happy New Year Everyone!

Happy New Years, boobs, flasher

Remember, tonight is a good excuse to dress up, go out, and get freaky. So let’er rip!

Wishing you all best for 2018! And all the biggest and best boobs for this new years eve!

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Merry XXX-mas

Posted in web sluts on December 26th, 2017 by admin

Merry XXX-mas!

I hope your Christmas day included a visit from the Ho, Ho, Hos.

X-mas, Christmas,, porn, ass, naked, tree

Yes, ’tis the season! So enjoy the holidays, have fun.  I know, it’s cold; so stay inside and keep each other warm. I hope there was room in your schedules for some sexy Santa play time in front of the tree.

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Play ball!

Posted in web sluts on October 27th, 2016 by admin

They say baseball is the ‘Great American pastime.’ Why isn’t fucking the Great American Pastime? Obviously we’re still doing it. No one has stopped. Yea, she has small little titties, but she is good looking! She wouldn’t have to ask me twice. So…



Skinny girl in a baseball uniform flashes her pussy


Play Ball!

… and to the victor go all the spoils.

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Posted in web sluts on October 21st, 2016 by admin

Because, well ass. Do you need more of a reason than the photo.

Every ass looks better with a jeweled butt plug. If you are ever greeted by this pleasant surprise, you know that she likes it in the ass. I say, look who is a dirty little girl.

Most slaves report that jeweled butt plugs are very comfortable to wear. The shape also seems to help them stay in place a bit better than some other types of butt plugs.

So get that ass ready baby. We’ll play the other holes first, but in the end you’re taking that jewel out and making your ass available.

Jeweled butt plug

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